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  • {f.InfoTitle} Become the killer of the spine healthy mattress must not be 2015-03-31

      mattress in the 5000 years of Chinese tradition has not been paid attention to household items, along with our country modernization degree more and more high, people began to increase the degree of attention. However, many people do not because of the increased degree of attention on the mattress really understand. Especially on the mattress category for spinal health understanding is less...

  • {f.InfoTitle} The source of home textile products are frequent quality gate in where? 2015-03-31

      cold weather, to purchase bedding citizens gradually increased, this is the time of textile enterprises ushered in the spring. Detection of the report but in August and September respectively, the association of City Industrial and commercial bureau issued bedding, but let the part of the enterprise &ldquo ” smooth; and the main problems are: the detection can decompose carcinogenic a...

  • {f.InfoTitle} Buy Bedding master five consumption details 2015-03-31

      modern people increasingly high demand for quality of life, in order to have more energy to study and work, sleep quality must be guaranteed. The use of high-quality bedding, is an important measure to ensure the quality of sleep. So as a consumer, when buying bedding actually should grasp the consumption details? Details: selection of quality fabrics The choice of high-grade bedding ...

  • The children's home textiles creative to drive sales 2015-03-31

      in Chinese, because the parents of the child grow more and more attention to strain every nerve, all want the best for their children, so some children's products sell in the market is very popular, of course, bedding is no exception, Carolina, violet, Bo Yang frontline home textile brands have also made the children's home textiles, and very popular. The children's home textiles rise in ...

  • Bed sheet quilt cover how washing does not fade 2015-03-31

        as of March, bright spring days. The sunlight is very good weekend, most suitable for clean up love home, wash bask. Wash bedding shop is a must, especially the bed sheets and quilt cover, pillow case and the like. However, the bed cleaning and maintenance methods of different materials are not the same. The bedding fabric usually cotton or other natural fiber, flax, silk and so on, ...

  • Analysis of home textile products in March ranked first concern: bedding 2015-03-31

      in the future, after 80 and 90 after consumption ability will be more and more strong, be they concerned products, market growth will be very soon. For Home Furnishing industry, textile products, favored by the majority of customers, the author from the HC Search Ranking data analysis library learned in 2013 March home textile products concern report. Let us attention Home Furnishing indust...

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Bedding Company for certain home textiles business, since its inception has been committed to the core products (including pillows, batteries), Suite products (including pillowcases, quilt, bed sheets, bed enterprises, etc.) based textile products R & D design, outsourced manufacturing, branding, channel development and marketing business, with the industry's leading independent research and design capabilities, strict supplier selection mechanism, improve the production control system, strong channel development ability and a sound sales service system. Companies focus on produc... 【more】

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